JBF Contributions to Jacksonville, Oregon

From 2011 through September 30, 2021, the Jacksonville Boosters Foundation has provided over $387,500 for Club projects and grants to nonprofits and publicly owned entities in Jacksonville, Oregon.

2011-2021 and Ongoing

  • Peter Britt Gardens: installation of paver walkways, signage, plantings, irrigation system, LED lighting plus the Marjorie Edens and Stan Lyon memorial plaques. Weekly maintenance since 2015.
  • Jacksonville Elementary School (2013 forward): annual spring musical event
  • City Benches: purchase and maintenance of benches in downtown Jacksonville


  • Second floor New City Hall lighting and sound systems
  • Jacksonville Community Center new paver patio
  • Preservation of Jacksonville Democratic Times newspapers from 1874-1904
  • Lot and Block signs in Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery


  • Art Presence Art Center: 2nd floor cabinets and sink including hot and cold water
  • Jacksonville Engine Company #1: dual axle trailer to carry replacement oxygen


  • A Path Through Time: History focused sidewalk in front of New City Hall
  • City of Jacksonville: renovation of Third Street Restrooms
  • Forest Park: Wildlife viewing shelter
  • Art Presence Art Center: Non-restricted donation (2018-2019)
  • Forest Park: “You Are Here” trail indicators throughout the park
  • Friends of Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery: Non-restricted donation (2017-2019)
  • Jacksonville Community Center: Storage building with three bays
  • Friends of St Joseph’s: Non-restricted donation
  • Waggin’ Tails Dog Park: dog park
  • Historic Jacksonville Inc: Non-restricted donation (2017-2019)


  • Art Presence Art Center: Purchase of art panel wall dividers
  • Jacksonville Community Center: Exterior hardscape and landscaping
  • Jacksonville Community Center: Non-restricted donation
  • Jacksonville Woodlands Assn: Walkway bridge by Britt Sequoia-Zigler trailhead
  • Arboretum: shelter facility
  • Britt Music and Arts Festival: replacement of reserved seating benches
  • Jacksonville Community Center: new community center building
  • Forest Park: restrooms
  • Jacksonville Woodlands Assn: Non-restricted donation
  • Historic Jacksonville Inc: Beekman House renovations
  • Brunner Bros. Building: rear patio and fencing
  • Jacksonville Cemetery: restroom restoration and landscaping
  • Britt Music and Arts Festival: new entry stairway, fencing and landscaping
  • Jacksonville Woodlands Assn: tool shed at the Arboretum and Chinese Diggings trail improvements
  • Jacksonville Elementary School: playground equipment
  • Britt Music and Arts Festival: engraved pavers
  • Forest Park: Pedestrian bridge over Cantrell Creek