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"As the City Administrator, I know if I need assistance on a project I can rely on the Boosters Club.  It is a wonderful group of fun energetic folks who stand ready to assist the community when necessary." 

Jeff Alvis, City of Jacksonville

Boosters Fly the Flags Jacksonville


Your Community Connection

The Jacksonville Boosters Club is your connection to the historic city of Jacksonville, Oregon. For over 50 years the Club has shared a belief that community is what we make it, and that Jacksonville is unique and worth preserving.

Booster members are known for their volunteerism. You will discover them in many community activities, businesses, offices and projects. They are dedicated to preserving Jacksonville's history and enhancing its livability. New members, volunteers, and supporters are welcome.

If you ask a Booster member why volunteer, they will likely smile, share a few stories of fun gatherings, friendships, and remind you what they give in time isn't all that much....the true reward is the gift of Jacksonville, Oregon.

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Jacksonville Boosters Club
P.O. Box 81
Jacksonville, OR 97530